About Us

MG_Old_Mill_Waterwheel_6_by_Talc_AlysStockWe’re different. We’re small. We’re nice. We’re local. We’re family-owned. We listen to you. We like Seniors. They keep trying to adopt us. We are known for doing what we say we will. We do one project at a time. We don’t jump around. We give you a warranty and we really do stand behind it. We don’t try to be the lowest price. But sometimes we are the lowest price anyway. We’re here to do the job right and give you peace of mind. We let you work with us if you like. We don’t mind if you want to watch. We encourage your questions and we give you straight answers.


We’ve been remodeling, adding on and doing whole house makeovers since 2006. We love building. We love making things better.

We do home renovations

stevedeck13We listen. We observe. We build according to your budget, not ours. We remodel homes tiny through huge, very old and very new, and apply the same care and passion to all of them. We build your store and we can help you design it too. If you know what you want but don’t know how to design it, we will complete your plan and build it the way you want. We do all kinds of Home Interiors, Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Outdoor Projects including Decks and Fences, paving stones, lattice work, gazebos, deck roofs, fish ponds.  We do complete basement developments, complete home additions and porches. We renovate homes to create income properties such as basement suites you can rent out. We renovate Retail Stores and offices.  And yes, we can even build a home from the ground up.


We do Handyman Services

handymanSmall jobs lead to large jobs; and large to small. We don’t know where one becomes the other, so we do both. The number one question we get from clients is: “Do you do…” The answer is YES WE DO! We do a lot of work for seniors. They love us.  We do lots of repairs for clients who are getting ready to sell their homes. We help our clients winterize their homes. And we help them get ready for Spring. See some of the Handyman Services we offer.


We do the work; Ourselves; Us.  We don’t sub it out to strangers.  We take care of it ourselves.  If we have to bring in a subtrade; a plumber or an electrician or a brick mason, we have a few hand picked trusted colleagues we work with.

Steve Tennant staSteve.profilerted Timeline Journey Renovations Ltd. I run the company. And I work on the Site. I used to have a big crew of people working for me but I didn’t like it.  I am very particular about how I want things done. So now I work Hands-on, along with my own carpenters and technicians.

I earned my Journeyman Carpenter certificate (Red Seal) in 1983. Since then I have been renovating homes in Alberta and here in Ontario for over 25 years. I’m married to a beautiful woman I met in Thailand in 2005. Her name is Aw. She is a wonderful travel companion and a gourmet cook. Sometimes she brings our clients Thai food. They love it.

Handyman Services

Mark.profileMark Tennant is my big brother. He heads up the handyman services division of Timeline Journey. Mark is trained in fine woodworking and design He loves to build furniture using the old fashioned tools. He is even trained to build Windsor chairs by hand. Mark has a gentle nature and people love to deal with him; especially seniors.

Why Trust Us?

Our clients do.  Many of them have become our friends. We are happy to give you their names so you can contact them directly. You can also read some testimonials from our Clients.

How We Protect Our Clients

clipart-pencil-checklistTimeline Journey Renovations Ltd. is licensed in Ontario. We also have full WSIB coverage and we have a TWO MILLION DOLLAR GENERAL LIABILITY POLICY that protects our clients in case something should happen to their home or the people in it while we are working there. The other thing we do is give them a written contract of what we will be building or repairing. Our clients tell us they really like our contracts because they are very detailed and make it very clear exactly what they are paying us to do.


canstock14723504We never rush our clients.  We know that when you’re ready you’ll contact us.  And when you do, we will be happy to come over and give you a Free Estimate.  You are welcome to phone us, text us or email us.

Handyman Services: Mark Tennant: Phone or Text: 519-504-8482   Or you can Email Mark at:  timelinejourneyltd@yahoo.com

Home or Commercial Renovations: Steve Tennant: Phone or Text: 519-277-8463 Or you can email Steve at: timelinejourney@yahoo.com

Or please click here to fill in the Free Estimate Request form.

All the best,

Steve Tennant